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Virtual Currency

Three Undeniable Reasons to Buy Crypto Today

Editor’s Note: Over the last couple of weeks, it seems as though all anyone can talk about are cryptocurrencies. And today, our good friend Andy Snyder, founder of Manward Press, is here to tell you why he believes every investor should have some in their portfolio.

He explains crypto’s value is only going to rise, as well as why its boom will continue for a few key reasons.

Continue reading for Andy’s thoughts…

– Kaitlyn Hopkins, Assistant Managing Editor

We’re just three weeks into it… and 2021 has already turned into the “Year of Crypto.”

What was red-hot a few months ago is a flat-out inferno now.

From here, we see the boom only gaining speed and strength for three key reasons – huge amounts of buying pressure, a lack of speculative alternatives and the death of the dollar.

Today, my goal is to make you see the idea as clear as the morning sun and show you exactly why I believe every investor needs to put a small portion of their portfolio in crypto (and not just Bitcoin).

A Buying Frenzy

I’ll start with the buying pressure. Volume has long been my specialty.

Price action is worthless without seeing how many folks are willing to pay that price.

With crypto… volume has never been higher.

In fact, we’ve never seen a surge in demand like this from any other asset class. Hedge funds… pensions… and even insurance companies are buying. The insurance giant MassMutual, for instance, just bought $100 million worth of Bitcoin.

And then there are the big boys of the realm… companies like PayPal (Nasdaq: PYPL) and Square (NYSE: SQ).

On their own, they’ve brought crypto from the shadows to the spotlight.

PayPal just brought crypto to its platform in November, and it’s already trading hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of coins each day.

Tweet and Chart Paypal

There’s a tidal wave of cash flowing into the market.

And, moving to the second reason crypto is soaring, it makes perfect sense. There’s nowhere else to put money.

A Flood of Money

The stock market is getting bubbly, bonds pay zilch and the world needs somewhere to stash all those trillions of freshly printed dollars.

I cannot overstate just how big a factor this is.

It is no coincidence that crypto is soaring in a year when $12 trillion in government stimulus has been dumped out of helicopters across the globe. And more is on the way!

It’s incredible.

The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet (the nice way of saying the tally of fake money it has printed) will stand at 41% of the nation’s GDP by the end of this year.

Half of it will have been printed in the last 12 months.


Think of it this way… It’s like a balloon.

The stock market balloon has been inflating for more than 12 years. More than a decade of stimulus and record-low rates have stretched the balloon quite tight. It’s tight enough that it’s keeping many folks from putting any more air in.

The real estate balloon is also tight… but it’s constrained by the mortgage market and the number crunchers to keep things from getting overinflated.

But the crypto balloon? It was flat this time a year ago and still hardly has a breath’s worth of air in it.

It has tremendous room to expand.

Dollar Days Are Done

And finally, the third reason I see crypto only gaining value is the inevitable death of the dollar.

This angle fascinates me.

I read a report from a big bank recently that detailed how badly the world’s central banks are losing the race to create their own sovereign forms of digital money.

Europe is in the hunt but is years behind.

Washington, D.C., is still scratching its head about the idea.

And China has already rolled its out and is paying folks to use it.

Meanwhile, the free market – led by the likes of PayPal and Square – is entrenching the role of digital money by accepting more and more of it each day.

We may soon pass the point of no return… where sovereign money becomes a second-class citizen.

The world has every reason to make the change. The political class is printing and spending money with a reckless abandonment of common sense.

The free market is rushing to an alternative.

Crypto’s value is only going to rise.

It is a speculator’s dream come true.

Digital money has all the fundamentals of gold… with a moonshot upside that even the hottest stocks can’t dream of.

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