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What Do Evolving Consumer Tastes Mean for Your Portfolio?

Nearly one-third of Americans consider themselves to be “flexitarians.”

That means they eat plant-based alternatives a couple of times per week.

But, these days, it’s pretty common to consume a plant-based alternative in our daily lives, whether it’s tempeh, tofu or quinoa.

And this trend is leading to a rapidly expanding market.

In 2020, plant-based sales grew two times faster than overall food sales. And the total market is projected to triple in size from 2021 to 2030.

Remember, this is a market that is already worth billions of dollars.

To talk about evolving consumer tastes and what that could mean for your portfolio, I’m joined today by Marc Aneed, president of Eat Well Investment Group (OTC: EWGFF).

We delve into the overall size of the plant-based food market and the opportunities that exist within it.

Aneed also lays out why Eat Well is uniquely positioned in the plant-based food space and what makes the company different from Beyond Meat (Nasdaq: BYND), Impossible Foods, Oatly Group (Nasdaq: OTLY) and others.

If you’re looking to hear about one of the fastest-growing consumer markets straight from the source, this is an interview you don’t want to miss!

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